Payment information

                  A 30% nonrefundable deposit is required and due up front to reserve your slot in the commission list. We try our best to work with customers on payment plans, however we do not ship any suit till paid in full. We do accept many payment methods including: PayPal (Preferred), check, and money order.

Payment plans

                  We try our best to work with customers and their needs. We understand life happens and at times it is difficult to have money for a commission all up front, so we do offer payment plans! While a 30% nonrefundable despite is preferred, we also allow small monthly payments till the 30% is fully reached, from there payments continue till paid in full. We do not ship any suit till paid in full! If for any reason you are unable to make a payment we do ask that you inform us and remain in contact about your situation and unique needs. If a payment is not made your commission is put on hold till payments resume, this may cause you to drop in our list.

Shipping information

  We ship world wide. We do not cover shipping cost! You will be notified shipping cost and once paid your commission will ship. We prefer to ship USPS but will ship with any company you chose, we also offer convention delivery if desired!

Updates and Work in progress

  We try to keep our customers in the loop with their commissions as progress is made and the process is started, if you feel the need to ask for update please do! Often we post to twitter.


   Every fursuit comes with a 1 year warranty. We will try to fix any issues or problems that your fursuit may have, please email us at for any and all issues.


 I’m not against extra zippers, like kidney zippers!! Or nipple zippers!


   At this time we do not offer odds and ends such as paws, feet paws, tails, or ears beyond that which comes with a costume

Other questions?

   For any other questions please email us at

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